In the New Year, New Payday Loans

It seems that the Russians are not prepared enough for the 2018 meeting in financial terms. More precisely, they prepared for the meeting, but did not calculate the expenses that were expected after the new year. This is evidenced by the growth of Payday Loans issued in the first week of the year, compared with the same period in 2017.


According to statistics 

collected from leading microfinance companies, before the new year, the vast majority of borrowers applied for a loan to buy gifts and other goods related to the New Year holidays. But already this year, most of the Payday Loan clients reported that there was a sharp need for money due to unforeseen circumstances. Many expect to spend money on holidays and leave a certain amount in order to at least somehow live up to the first salary. But, unfortunately, anyone can break down the car, a relative to go to the hospital and more. Those borrowers who did not fall into the above list indicated in the column “loan target” less pressing reasons: going to the children’s tree or to the theater, buying large household appliances, and also paying for a long trip.

According to statistics 

Apparently, in our country, people simply forgot how to save money and plan a family budget. Therefore, when a difficult situation occurs, they turn to the Payday Loan to take a microloan. And this despite the fact that officially reduced incomes of citizens. Most often, the average Russian receives a salary of 25 thousand rubles, and more than 30% of Russians, and that only 15 thousand. Perhaps, therefore, there is evidence that more than half of Russian families have more than one open loan.

Financial analysts foreshadow further growth in the microfinance market. One of the reasons for this is the reduction of rates on Payday Loans, which, in turn, depend on the rate of the BCA Bank.