How To Find Out About Your Debts

Each of us may be in arrears, whether it is a delay in payment of the loan, not in time paid utility bills, a forgotten traffic police fine, and more. Few people like to talk about these disadvantages of life, but, unfortunately, they will not evaporate by themselves and you need to try to pay the bills so that, as they say, to sleep peacefully. In order to start moving in the right direction, you need to answer the first, emerging question – how to find out about your debts.

Depending on the type of debt, you may need the following sources of information:

– Government services portal

– any uncomplicated source on the Internet, which will give information about the traffic police fines

– site of the Federal Bailiffs Service

  • Credit bureaus.


Government services portal

A very useful service that helps to solve many problems associated with the receipt of certain documents. Including on the site you can find out about their debts. In a user-friendly interface, any citizen who has registered on the site can inquire about their debts on housing and public utilities, taxes, and even on court debts.


How to find out about their debts to the traffic police

How to find out about their debts to the traffic police

Inquire about penalties for incorrect driving today can, as they say, “in one click”, this service is at hand with every user of the worldwide network. Yandex, Sberbank Online and other personal accounts from various banks are happy to provide this opportunity. And in many of these services it is easy to pay fines and in most cases without a fee. Given the large-scale informing of citizens about payment of fines, and even with the possibility of a 50% discount, if the debtor reacts quickly, fewer and fewer people are left wondering how to find out about their debts to the traffic police.

Do not forget to periodically check your fines and do it responsibly. Check the situation on several services and note that the check is carried out according to the number of the driver’s rights and the number of the car. If the fine is not registered by an inspector, but by a video surveillance camera, for example, for speeding, then such a debt will hang on the owner of the car.


Bailiffs Service

On the website of this organization you can always get accurate data on the availability of debt, which was confirmed in court. The first thing you will see when you go to the site is the phrase “Learn about your debts” and then two fields. In the first, you must specify your full name or IP number, in the second the settlement in which the person is registered. By clicking on the “Find” button you will see a detailed list of your debts, each of which will be clearly described. You can pay every debt directly on the site. It is important to understand that on this portal only those fines are displayed that have already entered into legal proceedings and the fact of violation of the law has been confirmed.


Credit Bureau

Credit Bureau

If you have a “fresh” loan debt or you have taken a payday loan, but you have not paid it in time, then you will not see such information on the website of the bailiffs. The credit institution will not immediately sue you, but will try to resolve the issue by establishing a relationship with you. But it also happens that the creditor does not inform you about the debt. In any case, every citizen of our country has the right to know the status of their credit history at the moment. In which almost all monetary transactions of a person are reflected, including debt obligations.