Conditions Precedent For Obtaining Credit

The suspensive condition of obtaining credit is a device that protects you by allowing the borrower to buy only once the credit is obtained.

A real estate loan is obtained in two stages: the signing of an act at first, called the inclusive sales, then the final deed of sale.

At the time of the sales agreement, the provision of funds is not present. The final purchase therefore depends on obtaining the mortgage.

The law protects individuals who buy a home through a condition precedent , indeed, borrowers are protected if they do not get their loan.


What is a suspensive condition?

What is a suspensive condition?

A condition precedent is a condition that makes a contract expired if it does not happen. This condition does not depend only on the one who obliges himself. This condition essentially depends on a bank to be valid based on a particular event that occurs in the future. In the event that a bank refuses credit to a borrower, the use of the condition precedent will be possible in order to assert your freedom to forgo buying a home as part of a loan refusal.

This condition protects the buy only, not the seller. Therefore, if the borrower, therefore the buyer, does not have his loan provided by the sales clan, other financing alternatives can be obtained as a family loan or a loan from another financial institution however, this entails risks.

The suspensive condition is mandatory as soon as an individual buys a home through a mortgage. The purchase must inform the seller and this is in the sales agreement. If a buyer buys his home without real estate credit, he must give up the condition precedent . This must be stated in the sales agreement. This condition must be explicit, the amount, the property rate and its duration must be indicated.


The steps necessary to obtain your financing

To obtain your financing, you must take the necessary steps as soon as you sign it. Once the compromise is signed, your loan application must be made in a credit institution. Polonius accompanies you in your constitution of file and brings the greatest care and necessary time to allow you to obtain your mortgage, and to gain a big time in the realization of your financing.


In case the loan is granted

In case the loan is granted

If the loan application is accepted by a bank, the loan offer is sent to you in writing. All the related conditions are filled in on your credit. The loan offer is accompanied by a depreciation schedule containing several pieces of information. You have ten days to think before you commit. Once the mortgage has been granted, it must be made known to the seller and the notary. Validation of the buyer and seller is then made and the buyer can not cancel his purchase under risk of paying a penalty to the seller.


and if the loan is refused?

If your loan is refused, you must notify the notary and the seller by transferring the refusal of credit that has been communicated by the bank. A refusal of loan can attest to a failure of the condition and give a cancellation of compromise. The buyer may attempt another loan from another bank, and the seller can not force him to contact other lending institutions. You must know that loan refusals are extremely rare.